Psoriasis Causes

Student BioExpo Shows Its Payout: Three Young – Xconomy
Charlier, then a student at Shorecrest High School in Shoreline, WA, was personally motivated to learn more about psoriasis, a skin disease that she lives with. So she studied up on what researchers think might be going awry on Chromosome 17 that

Treating Psoriasis If Enbrel Fails –
March 8, 2010 (Miami Beach, Fla.) — If the drug Enbrel stops working, people with psoriasis have two effective options, new research suggests. One new study shows that the recently approved drug Stelara can help treat moderate to severe psoriasis if

Acne, Psoriasis Meds Don’t Raise Fracture Risk – YAHOO!
MONDAY, May 17 ( HealthDay News ) — Patients who take drugs like Accutane and Soriatane for acne and psoriasis don’t seem to be at higher risk of breaking bones, a new study finds, even though similar dietary supplements have been linked to

No Fracture Risk with Acne, Psoriasis Medications – MedPage Today
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Blood Centers Battle Host of New Infectious Threats – Wall Street Journal
Also rejected are would-be donors who have ever taken the psoriasis drug Tegison, which was removed from the market because of the risk it can cause birth defects. Blood found to carry disease after testing is discarded. In 2006, 1.2% of donor blood

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